Financial 援助 Overview

每年, Oberlin dedicates more than $100 million to financial aid to support 学生 and their families and is committed to making higher education affordable for all who aspire to join the Oberlin community.

At Oberlin College, our financial aid policies reflect a historic commitment to inclusion and academic excellence. Oberlin’s financial aid packages meet 100 percent of the demonstrated need for every student, both within and outside the United States, as calculated by the Office of Financial 援助. More than two-thirds of 学生 receive need-based assistance.

If you are new to the process, take a look at Financial 援助 Basics to learn about how financial aid works at Oberlin, try the Quick Cost Estimator. If you’re looking for specific information, start with Financial 援助 Policies and then look into the 贷款, outside 奖学金, 学生工作 that can be sources of aid. And if you're ready to apply, take a look at the application process for 未来的, 返回, 国际 学生.

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Our Commitment to You

To ease the burden of the high cost of college, Oberlin will award a renewable $10,000 Oberlin Commitment Scholarship to all new 学生 who apply and enroll in the 文学院 & 科学 and/or the BG视讯 of Music.

Types of Financial 援助

Grants and Scholarships

We set aside over $100 million for student grants and 奖学金 each year.


Federal student 贷款 have a low fixed interest rate and must be paid back.

Federal Work-Study

Part-time federal work-study jobs pay an hourly wage on campus and count as part of your financial aid package.

Early Decision Applicants

Have you registered for the College Scholarship Service Profile? Register soon so that results of the Profile can be used to estimate financial aid eligibility. If all forms have been completed on time, financial aid awards for Early Decision applicants are sent soon after notification of admission.