Transportation for Students

Oberlin College is committed to helping its students, faculty, staff, and visitors make the most environmentally responsible choices as possible in their travel to, from, and around Oberlin.

Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality on campus by 2025, and we need your help to get there. Instead of driving your own car, consider alternative modes of transportation such as walking, bicycling, car share programs, carpooling, local shuttles, and regional public transportation. By participating in these programs, you will lower your carbon footprint and support our community’s environmental health.

Getting Around Campus 

Getting Around the Local Region

Getting to and from Cleveland

Getting to and from the Airport

Student Cars on Campus

New in Fall 2023: Cleveland Shuttle

The ObieExpress shuttle takes groups of students throughout the greater Cleveland area for social and shopping experiences weekly on Thursdays through Sundays. More information on routes and times will be released toward the start of the fall ’23 semester.